Scholar's Story

"I couldn't have done it without them"


SCHOLAR: “I started with the Help with Homework Program and Campo Alegre in 2004 while in elementary school. Today, I am a nineteen year old college student at Florida Atlantic University.  I always needed help from my tutors with science and math, then I started knowing what to do. I’m now studying criminal justice, and my dream is to work for the FBI.”


HER PARENT: “I always had the dream that my daughter would go to school. Now it is happening. I never had the opportunity to go to school, and now I want to give that to my three children.” 


HER TUTORS: “We worked many hours to help her with her homework and her projects. She wanted to learn, and we wanted so much to see her succeed.”


PROGRAM FOUNDER: “This is one of our many success stories. When we started these programs thirty years ago, we saw children working with their parents in the fields. Most parents didn’t even realize their children had to go to school. The first thing we did was to get them the appropriate school clothes. Today, it is a much different story.  Over the past thirty plus years, we’ve helped about 5000 children go to school, most of whom graduate. It is a dream come true.”

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