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FCCI wants to thank Lost Tree Village for their $11,000 dollar donation.  FCCI really appreciates their generosity.   



August, 2013


Campo Alegre academics, sports, field trips, and all around camaraderie between students, teachers, staff and volunteers have come to a close for summer 2013.  Your consistent donation has helped make this possible for 130 children of farm, nursery, and equestrian work force laborers.  We all thank you so much.  


The theme for the first session was “Around the World.”  Each grade focused on a different country or subject including Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, India, Italy, African Nations, Germany, Portugal, with the rising first grade children singing and performing about the wild animals of the world.  Teachers as well as students loved the country of their choice, even learning some basic words of their “adopted” country.  The scavenger hunts incorporated art, animals, flags, maps, and other appropriate articles of the theme.    


Reading, writing, and math concentrated on the chosen topic.  Eleven, 12, and 13 year olds learned new words and definitions, culminating in the annual exciting spelling bee.  Eight, 9, and 10 year olds practiced and practiced their times tables for the annual multiplication math contest.  The poetry contest for students 8-13 made it incredibly difficult for the outside judges to award first place for each grade.  The talented (and thoughtful) writings were amazing!


The pre- and post- testing showed slight improvement in math and reading skills in almost 85% of the children.  But it showed continued weaknesses in reading that will be addressed during the school year.


Although our first session was a challenge because of the unusual high number of attendees, our second session was an entirely different challenge!  Of the 40 children in the program 19 were 5 and 6 year olds—our Tomato group.  By the end of the first week, we revised the theme schedule “Art & Artists” to “Favorites.”  Although our Cucumbers (8 & 9 years) and the Watermelons (10,11,& 12 years) understood the lesson plans, the Tomatoes were lost.  We still did several art projects, watercolors, sponge painting, chalk drawing, our morning news cast was about favorites.  Breaking into groups with the older campers helping the youngest coordinate their favorites, the theme was a lot more meaningful.  By the second video taping, the little ones fell into the routine, trying hard to be confidant and “professional.”    They loved to see themselves on the TV!


But what is summer with out some fun for kids?  Hard working students need fun, and we provided it!  Just like camps of their peer groups, they were treated to movies, bowling, mini golf, field day competitions, sports, board games, art projects, visits from Spiderman, and karate lessons, Career Day sponsored by FAU, Rapids Water Park, and reading to the dogs in the first session, A photo contest, lunch at CiCi’s Pizza, Coconut Cove Water Park, and Fun Depot in the second session kept us on the go.  But the most favorite activity is swimming, something that is never available to the children.  Our Fridays at the Beach featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, chips with plenty of salsa, pickles, and watermelon, beach toys, and games/swimming in the ocean is a 33 year tradition. 


Now that summer is almost over, we are preparing for the opening of school and our after school program, Help with Homework.  Hopefully our students renewed energy will encourage them to keep on track or work harder to achieve their grade level.  With the addition of 9 iPads, the result of a grant from Whole Foods, we can now operate, compete, teach our students, and learn more in this technological environment.  


Again, we are grateful for your support for our programs, and thank you warmly.  We could not do this with without you.






Donna Marie Goray

Founder/Volunteer Treasurer


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