Since 1981 Farmworker Childrens Center, Inc. has nurtured, guided and tutored over 5000 children (K-12) in the agricultural area of coastal South Palm Beach County, FL. Our goal has been to improve the quality of life, education and job prospects for children whose parents work long days in the fields.


Through the actions and behaviors of the children, we have begun to see a deeper appreciation of learning.  There are children who want to read, to excel in math, have good test scores, and to progress on to higher grades in school. Parents have developed a deeper pride in their accomplishments and have extended their appreciation to those who work tirelessly to give the children opportunities for a better life.


Staff, volunteers and teachers spend hundreds of hours during the school year and in the summer months helping the children learn.  They work with them on their assignments, encourage them to learn, and they attend school meetings. Staff members work with teachers to understand the specific learning needs of each child. They also pay attention to their physical and psychological well being.


The community of learning that has been created with families, children, staff,  volunteers and schools is truly a unique experience, one which benefits the lives of all.

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