Campo Alegre


For seven weeks each summer, children from In The Pines and surrounding farming communities are engaged in learning activities that challenge them academically, socially, and culturally.  They learn through unique theme driven approaches to academics, unusual field trips, interesting projects in the arts, and eating different types of foods.  The goal is to keep the children current with their academics and to expose them to diverse experiences that go beyond their daily lives. We also want them to have fun and to enjoy plenty of physical activities. Campo Alegre is a free day camp and is divided into two sessions.

In the first session nearly 100 children travel by van or bus from In The Pines and surrounding farming communities to South Tech Academy in Boynton Beach, Florida. Teachers and aides guide the scholars through math, reading and writing based on a summer theme. Daily journals are recorded by each child through artwork and writing. There are a variety of challenging activities and field trips to keep the children interested and involved. Contests, prizes and achievement certificates help reward their hard work.

For the final three weeks, the second session of Campo Alegre is located at In The Pines and is open only to the children who live there.  The scholars focus on a specific theme for their activities. They do research, reading and writing on the theme and document their findings through video presentations. Not only are they working on their academics but they are also engaged in arts and crafts which are key to encouraging their spontaneity and creativity.  

The work at Campo Alegre directly impacts the children and their families. It guides the scholars to better study habits by reinforcing studied areas, by challenging their minds and bodies, and by tracking them during the school year.

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