Help With Homework

Our students have the potential to learn, and we give them the support and the tools to realize their potential.


It’s about 2:30 in the afternoon and the elementary school children are heading home in school buses.  After school they go to special learning centers at In The Pines (North and South) where staff and volunteers greet them warmly and ask about their day in school. Some parents also greet the children but most are not yet home from work. The children boisterously get organized for their homework assignments, their reading and their special projects.  Staff and volunteer tutors review their school papers, notes from teachers and assignments.  The children have a snack, sharpen pencils, open books, and begin to concentrate on the work at hand.  


They spend up to two hours doing after school work.  During that time, they do a variety of homework assignments on math, writing, spelling, science, and social studies.  Some have special school projects which may take a few weeks to complete. After their homework is finished, the children are required to spend twenty minutes reading. All of this is done with the help of tutors who work with small groups of scholars.  It isn’t unusual to see older children helping younger ones with problems or words they don’t understand. They are truly working together.


Later in the afternoon the second round of scholars arrive on the buses. It’s time for the children from middle and high school to begin their work, and the cycle starts again.


Our kids work hard. They know there are special people who will help them, and they want to make their parents and teachers proud of them.  The goal is for our scholars to excel in school.  The outcome is for them to grow and learn and to develop skills that will be useful throughout life.

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